Silicone Adhesive, Permanent (50ml Tube)

Silicone Adhesive, Permanent (50ml Tube)
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Size: 50ml tube

Quantity in pack: 1 tube + fine plastic nib

Silicone permanent adhesive, non toxic, and dries clear!

Suitable for using on paper, rubber, glass, fabric, wood, metal, porcelain, pottery, and china.

Silicone Glue is a great adhesive for using with decoupage, and other craft projects. Simply squeeze your desired amount of silicone from the tube, apply it to your item as thick or thinly as you need it, place + gently press your item onto your craft project, then wait for the glue to dry.

This item comes with a plastic nib, of which you can choose where abouts to snip the end, to determine the hole size of the nozzle you want to work with.

Silicone adhesive is surprisingly strong once it has dried, and is designed to be a permanent adhesive glue.

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