Decoupage Scissors, Tonic Studios (1 Piece)

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Decoupage Scissors, Tonic Studios (1 Piece)
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Quantity in pack: 1 decoupage scissors

Whilst the manufacturer advertises these scissors as 26mm from pivot to tip, the available open blade length looks to be approximately 20mm (2cm). The entire length of these scissors is 10.75cm from top to bottom.

These scissors are made from hardened steel, with double bevelled blades. The handle part has a lovely kushgrip cover/coating, making them very friendly for your hands to use and comfortable to hold for any length of time.

These scissors are naturally "open" and you gently squeeze the handles together to close the blades. Releasing your grip from the handles causes the blades to open back up again, into their natural position.

Decoupage scissors are a great addition to your card making tools, whether you use them for decoupage, or whether you simply need an intricate petite pair of tweezer scissors for precision and accuracy.

They also work great for cutting thread, and tidying up the edges of fabric (loose strands), and they even work well on foam.

Being small and slender, it makes these scissors easy to use when you need to get into corners of your project for snipping into, or for reaching into awkward places when you need to trim something.

Ideal for lots of card making uses, and an essential tool for crafters and card-makers.

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