Decoupage Scissors (1 Piece)

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Decoupage Scissors (1 Piece)
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Quantity in pack: 1 decoupage scissors

The blade length looks to be approximately 2.5cm (maybe a couple of millimetres longer).
The entire length of these scissors is 9.7cm from top to bottom.

These scissors are made from metal, and are silver coloured. The packaging does not mention what type of metal they have been made from.

The scissors come in a pouch/sleeve packaging which can be used to store your scissors in when not in use. The sleeve may vary in colour from the one shown in the image.

These scissors are very sharp, and are only suitable for adults. Keep away from children, babies and pets. This product is not a toy!

Decoupage scissors are a great addition to your card making tools, whether you use them for decoupage, or whether you simply need an intricate petite pair of scissors for precision and accuracy.

They also work great for cutting thread, and tidying up the edges of fabric (loose strands), and they even work well on foam.

Being small and slender, it makes these scissors easy to use when you need to get into corners of your project for snipping into, or for reaching into awkward places when you need to trim something.

Ideal for lots of card making uses, and an essential tool for crafters and card-makers.

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