Diamond Sparkles Gemstones, Gold & Silver (120 Pieces)

Diamond Sparkles Gemstones, Gold & Silver (120 Pieces)
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Quantity: 1 packet containing 120 flatback gemstones

Size: selection of 3mm, 5mm and 7mm multi-faceted flatback gemstones

Colour: gold and silver

These Diamond Sparkle flat-back gemstones have a multi-faceted dome shaped front! Very eye catching!

Since these gems are individually self adhesive, you can simply peel-and-stick these pretty delights straight onto your craft project however you want to!

This pack includes 3 different sizes - 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. A total of 120 pieces.

These gemstones are a must for all crafters!They're simply stunning!A very easy way to give your card-making and craft projects an eye-catching shine!

It is important to mention that the tone of gold & silver may vary slightly from those that you see in the picture. You will still receive all gold & silver gems, but please be aware that each batch of gems we receive can sometimes contain a slightly altered hue/intensity of gold & silver each time.

Gemstones are the perfect essential addition to your craft stash!

Situated on a handy sheet, with each gem individually self-adhesive, making them simple to peel and stick, whether you just want to use them one at a time, or use several together to make a pattern. These embellishments will look great on your greeting cards and add instant bling to your craft projects!

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