Kanban Concept Card - Penguin (CON8086)

(image for) Kanban Concept Card - Penguin (CON8086)
Kanban Concept Card - Penguin (CON8086)
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Sheet size: 29.6cm x 21cm (A4)

Quantity: 1 sheet

Material: high quality craft card

Finish: foiled and die cut

Maker: Kanban Crafts

This sheet contains a foiled and die cut patterned card blank, three foiled card toppers, and two banners/captions. The sheet also comes with a white envelope for you to use with your finished greeting card.

Everything you need to make your own Christmas card with envelope!

The beauty of this item, is that you have extra pieces left over when you have finished your card. You will have a spare topper or two, to use on other crafting projects!

Another option for this kit, is to cut the card blank down the fold/crease, and use both halves of the card blank as large mounts, and then use the toppers and captions on those two mounts, so you get two complete greeting card toppers with a background (they can be fixed straight onto your own card blank then).

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