2-in-1 Rolling Ball Glue Pen (1 Piece)

2-in-1 Rolling Ball Glue Pen (1 Piece)
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Brand: Stix2

This listing is for one glue pen.

2-in-1 Rolling Ball Glue Pen.

New pump action, no squeezing needed.

Photo safe. Acid free. Dries clear. Can be used on paper and card.

Suitable for hobby, craft, cardmaking and scrapbooking.

When wet, use as ordinary glue (permanent). After applying and leaving to dry, it will be removable.

This glue pen does not involve any squeezing whilst trying to use it. To increase the glue flow, replace the cap several times to pump air into the barrel. To reduce the flow, hold the glue pen upwards and press the nib onto a firm surface.

It is always advisable to clean the tip of glue pens after each use. When not in use, make sure the cap is always firmly on, to avoid the glue drying out.

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